I run regular courses and workshops including Spiritual Healing Evenings and Reiki from Level One to Advanced and Master Teacher Level


  • Show gratitude to every living thing.
  • Just for today, do not worry.
  • Just for today, do not anger.
  • Honour your parents, teachers and elders.
  • Earn your living honestly.

These are the Reiki Principles which will be with us on our journey in learning the practice of Reiki

These four Reiki courses will bring you from the foundations at Level One all the way to Master Teacher Level where you may begin your own teaching journey in Reiki.

The next course taking place will be Reiki Level One and Seichem, Saturday 29th February 10:00 – 17:00 & Sunday 1st March 10:00 – 13:00

Reiki Courses

On the Reiki One course you will receive an Attunement that opens up your own ability to channel the Reiki energy.

The balancing of energy on the physical and auric body.

• How to connect to your guides and angels (if you wish to)
• Scanning the body for areas that need healing
• How to give a Reiki session, to yourself, your friends and pets.
• We look at understanding the chakra system. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning: spinning wheel of light.
• We look at the effect of colours.
• Your Reiki One certificate

Next course: Saturday 29th February 10:00 – 17:00 & Sunday 1st March 10:00 – 13:00

The Reiki Two course carries on from the work on Reiki 1 providing a more in-depth look at healing practices, symbols and distant healing.

You receive another attunement
• The introduction of the Reiki symbols
• The different ways in which you can use the symbols
• How to do a distant healing
• Learning the circuit of energy meditation
• Your Reiki Two Certificate

Next course: Dates to be announced


The Advanced Reiki Level builds on the previous levels and also introduces:
• Your third attunement
• Another symbol to work with
• Cutting old ties
• Building and using a crystal grid
• Aura healing
• Your Advanced Reiki Level Certificate

Next course: Dates to be announced

The Reiki Master Teacher Level is the final course available and allows you to be a Reiki teacher and introduces new concepts such as Reiki meditation and manifestation.

• Your final Attunement
• More symbols to work with
• Learning to give the Reiki Attunements and how to become a Reiki Teacher
• Improving your awareness of the reiki energy.
• Reiki meditation and manifestation
• Your direct linage to Dr. Usui
• Your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate

Next course: Dates to be announced

Kundalini Reiki

This is a one day Kundalini Reiki Innitiation and Master Attunment course.

Kundalini Reiki combines the universal energies and the earth energies, is easy to learn and a very safe way of opening up the Kundalini energy.

By awakening this energy in the spine it helps to bring the chakras into alignment. 

Realise your own true potential on this one day course where we will work on your Kundalini Reiki Innitation and Master Attunements.

This process will bring you through three different attunements of the Master Kundalini Reiki training, the first on the day of the course with two futher distance attunements in the following weeks.

No previous Reiki training is required to take part on this course.

Course Details

Dates to be announced

Douglas, Cork

€122 per person

Spiritual Healing Evenings

With Fionnuala & Tony Christie

This evening will help free you from what is holding you back, assist you in letting go of past hurts and traumas, and enable you to move forward with awareness. This evening is also about creating new energy in your life and helping you to find and bring forward your own individual gifts.


November 14th 2019, 19:30 – 21:30

Bru Columbanus, Wilton, Cork

€20 per person

To book a space contact Fionnuala on 087 273 1824 or

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